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  1. Challenge 37216
  2. Hammer 33473
  3. Warrior 15070
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  1. Tempest 21558
  2. Lambda 15245
  3. Epsilon 9961
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Brought to you by the Office of the TCCOM


Over a decade ago, the TIE Corps Commander's dreams became reality in a forum never seen before: Raise the Flag, a giant combat arena where every available ship, squadron and pilot was called to duty to fight for power and glory. The victorious would be granted the highest awards and honors, and the ship would have the highest responsibility of carrying the Flag of the TCCOM.

Last year in 2020, the spoils of victory went to the ISD Warrior, Rho Squadron and Pickled Yoda, respectively crowned Flagship, Escort Squadron and TCCOM's Wingman

This year, the ships fighting for this flag are the ISD Hammer, commanded by Commodore Phoenix Berkana, the ISD Warrior, led by Commodore Mordechi Wolfe, the ISD Challenge, led by Commodore Silwar Naiilo and the VSD Aggressor, led by TIE Corps Commander Plif himself.

A wide range of activities will count points in this competition. Details are in the usual places. TIE Corps officers will partake in any and every way they can for the glory of their ships, their squadrons, and themselves! Every battle, reputations are on the line in Raise the Flag, as master pilots pit their activity against each other.

Which vessel will become the flagship of the TIE Corps? Whose laser beam will reign supreme? Who will be the last ones standing?

It's time to Raise the Flag!

Past Results

Flagship Escort Squadron TCCOM's Wingman
2014 ISD Warrior Theta Squadron Pickled Yoda
2015 ISD Warrior Theta Squadron Golbez Harvey
2016 ISD Warrior Theta Squadron Pickled Yoda
2017 ISD Warrior Theta Squadron Silvius
2018 ISD Warrior Theta Squadron Pete Mitchell
2019 ISD Hammer Epsilon Squadron Elwood the Brave
2020 ISD Warrior Rho Squadron Pickled Yoda